British Values

At Stanton Vale School we aim to teach the importance of British Values. Our ethos is to create an inclusive and supportive environment to aid our learners to become as independent as possible. All of our learners are supported to help have their personal, social and emotional needs met to assist in their development.

British Values have been categorised into 5 sections:

  1. Democracy
  2. The rule of law
  3. Individual liberty
  4. Mutual respect
  5. Tolerance

1. Democracy

    We respect, listen to and act on the children’s voice. The school has a ‘School Council’ which regularly meets to discuss a variety of areas and to assist in making decisions about changes and projects within school life. Equal rights are championed through the school council.

    2. The Rule of Law

    Stanton Vale’s ‘Positive Behaviour Policy’ aims to teach our learners appropriate strategies to deal with a variety of situations in numerous environments. We also try to teach positive strategies during undesirable situations, as well as praise when our learners demonstrate appropriate behaviours.

    3. Individual Liberty

    Stanton Vale creates a safe and supportive environment to all of its learners to allow them to actively make their own choices. Learners are given time to make decisions and find ways to complete tasks using various learnt strategies. We include social awareness at different level through the curriculum.

    4. Mutual Respect

    All learners are valued for their individuality and supported to achieve their full potential. Staff help the learners to understand that all actions have an impact on themselves as well as the other people around them. Children are taught that life is not the same for everyone and we try to support other organisations who help to make changes in other people’s lives, such as Children in Need and Sports Relief. We celebrate pupil achievements in weekly celebration assemblies. Our PSHE programme embodies values of mutual respect. Pupils have the opportunity to take on roles and responsibilities within school. We also promote collaboration with other schools and colleges.

    5. Tolerance

    We actively promote courtesy and good manners towards all. At Stanton Vale we try to teach our learners that everyone is different and these differences should be embraced and celebrated. Our school aims to do this on a regular basis through praise and assemblies. We also celebrate the main religious festivals throughout the year.