Curiculum Aspiration 


At Stanton Vale there are five curriculum Pathways and Avenues in place to ensure  every pupil has access to a curriculum that meets their needs.

Discover is our EYFS and Year 1 provision at Stanton Vale, here pupils prepare to access a curriculum Pathway in Year 2 to Year 8 which then leads to a curriculum Avenue in Year 9 to Year 14. From Discover, through Pathways to Avenues pupils build on the knowledge and skills taught, preparing them for adulthood and life after Stanton Vale.

Pathways and Avenues

  • Discover EYFS and Year 1
  • Support Pathway and Avenue for children who are sensory learners with profound and multiple learning difficulties.
  • Explore Pathway and Avenue for sensory learners with complex needs who may struggle to access a structured curriculum.
  • Nurture Pathway and Avenue for pupils with severe learning difficulties who can access a curriculum that includes subjects.
  • Aspire Pathway and Avenue for pupils who typically have severe or moderate learning difficulties who access a subject specific curriculum.

Curriculum Drivers

Our curriculum drivers of Communication, Independence and Development are the philosophy that underpins all that we do at Stanton Vale. They are at the centre of every lesson, every activity and every interaction we have with our pupils.

Communication: We foster effective and affective communication, tailoring approaches to individual needs where expression sparks connection and understanding. Pupils explore, express, and connect with the world through spoken, written, visual, sign and expressive forms of communication, building empathy and understanding embracing their unique voices and celebrating the communication of others.

Independence: We cultivate self-sufficiency, independent learning and engagement. Pupils become curious explorers, encouraged to engage and question, experiment and find creative solutions to real-world challenges. Independence skills are highly personalised and individualised to meet the unique needs of all our pupils.

Development: We nurture holistic well-being. Pupils thrive in a safe, inclusive environment that supports their spiritual, moral, social, cultural (SMSC) development, physical health, and emotional well-being.

Our Curriculum Aspiration

Inclusive and adapted: Every learner feels valued and included, as we meet individual needs, learning styles, and abilities.

Meaningful and engaging: Hands-on experiences, multi-sensory activities, and real-world connections spark curiosity and ignite a love for engagement and learning.

Strength-based: We build upon each learner’s strengths and talents, fostering enjoyment, confidence and self-belief.

Communication-focused: Diverse forms of communication empower learners to express themselves in their own, individual way.

Collaborative and supportive: Peer interaction and teamwork foster a sense of community and belonging, nurturing social and emotional development.

Preparing for Adulthood: We equip our pupils with individualised essential life skills for independence and community participation, preparing them for the future.

Our Learning Environment

Every child feels safe, valued, and respected.

Individuality is celebrated and differences are embraced.

Challenges are viewed as opportunities.

Collaboration and teamwork are encouraged.

Independence and self-confidence are nurtured.

All achievements are valued and celebrated.

A love for engagement and learning is ignited


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