Aspire Pathway & Avenue

The Aspire Curriculum is designed for those pupils with moderate and severe learning difficulties and aims to promote life skills and independence skills, which best prepares our pupils for life beyond Stanton Vale School and for adulthood. Pupils have a range of needs including physical, medical, sensory, communication, mental health, social or behavioural. This means their timetable may need to build in time for therapies and bespoke interventions. Where gaps in understanding are found, content from the Nurture Pathway may be accessed to ensure a more solid foundation to support learning in the Aspire Pathway.

In some classes, pupils in Key Stage 2/3/4 will access a range of National Curriculum subjects alongside elements of a semi-formal curriculum, modified to meet their developmental level and individual need. Phonics, maths, science, RE and computing are taught discretely and then consolidated and applied across the curriculum.  Their individual learning styles and interests are taken into account with skills being taught contextually. Functional literacy and numeracy skills are practised and applied to real life.

Pupils in the Aspire Avenue will complete a range of qualifications from Entry Level to Level 1, along with formal accreditation through courses which include Entry Level English and maths and AIM awards in Catering, Employability & Health & Fitness. Pupils will also complete a number of units through the AQA Awards Scheme on a rolling programme, which focus on developing key skills for life in areas such as leisure, independent living (e.g. cooking, cleaning, personal care, looking after clothes) and life skills (e,g. travel training, managing money, horticulture).

The Aspire curriculum provides opportunities for termly enterprise projects, work-related learning and opportunities for short-term work experience placements..

The Aspire Pathway curriculum focuses on 4 key areas of learning opportunities, which include;



My World

My Engagement