Phonics and Maths Intervention

Stanton Vale is proud to offer a one to one/small group literacy and numeracy intervention programme.  Tutoring sessions are planned from individual student assessment data with the focus on providing additional support to fill knowledge gaps.  Jolly Phonics based sessions are a tailored approach to literacy not only focusing on phonetic sounds, blending and segmenting but also incorporating grammar, comprehension and inference.  Numeracy interventions incorporate concrete and pictorial manipulatives to assist with a wide range of mathematical topics ranging from object counting to multiplication and division.

Intervention tutoring is adapted by using intensive interaction techniques to teach the way the student learns, sessions are bespoke and we encourage transferable skills, for example, students can opt for computer-based typing to assist with their learning.  Our students really enjoy their Reading and Maths Room sessions, here are some examples of their amazing work – we are so proud of them! 

Please find attached a selection of photos.