Discreet Phonics

At Stanton Vale we have adopted a three-tier phonics curriculum that supports our pupils learning needs and outcomes. Pupils on our Support and Nurture Pathways and Avenues  follow a tailored curriculum working on pre-phonics and early developmental skills so that they may one day access discrete phonics teaching and reading.

Pupils on the Aspire Pathway and Avenue, access the Jolly Phonics scheme of work. The typical mainstream phonics teaching structure is broken down into a weekly plan and each day focusses on a different skill. Our structure introduces the sound, reading the sound, writing the sound and applying the sound in different contexts. We have seen excellent progress for all our students learning to read with Jolly Phonics.

Good quality first teaching, enhanced resources and further timetabled intervention (through school lead tutoring) in place, our pupils can become independent functional readers.


Phonics Data :

90% of students accessing discrete phonics are Set Sounds 1 and 2 secure, meaning they can recognise and make/select the sound. 90% of students can read CVC words including Set 1 sounds and 80% of students can read CVC words containing set 2 sounds, this is compared with 22% set 1 reading in January 2022 and 0% in January 2022.

40% of students are secure and can read set 6 sounds, 30% can read CVC words containing those sounds, this is compared to 0% in January 2022.  

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