At Stanton Vale we have a robust PSHE curriculum that is delivered in both cross-curricular and discrete sessions. Each pathway has their own bespoke PSHE offer that is tailored to the age and stage of the pupils within it with objectives deriving from The PSHE Association SEN Adapted Framework. This is evident in the long term and medium term planning for each pathway and can be viewed on the website.

Relationship and Sex Education is delivered in line with statutory requirements. It is delivered through the Changing and Growing and Managing Feelings areas of the Stanton Vale and PSHE Association SEN Framework. Parents have the right to withdraw and this has been fully explained to parents, should you have any questions please contact school and they will support you with this. Relationship education and Health education is taught in line with our student’s cognitive and developmental ability. Sex education discrete sessions for Nurture and Aspire begins from Year 7 with non-statutory topics being covered in the Avenues from Year 9.

The type of PSHE and SRE you would expect to see in each pathway is explained below: